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 Vancouver, Washington


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A Few Things to Consider

When Starting the Home Buying Process


  • Do you understand the local market and all that is available? – our team stays up on our research and can be a great resource
  • Do you know the criteria of homes that fit your needs? – during a short consultation your agent can help you create this criteria 
  •  Do you understand all the available financing options and what homes are in your price range? – by working with a lender early, you can get loan pre-approval and know your budget
  • Do you know where to start your home search? – our agents have the tools to find homes that match your exact criteria and can provide a comparative market analysis on any home you are placing an offer on
  • Do you understand pricing and the value of certain amenities? – we will answer any of your questions – anytime
  • Do you understand the importance of strong negotiation skills through this entire process? – our team leader is a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE©)
  • Do you know the need to require proper inspections from qualified and reliable companies? – our team can recommend what should be inspected and help you find qualified inspectors


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Posted By: Amanda Goff – Marketing Specialist – The Goff Team
The Goff Team of Keller Williams Realty Premier Partners
specializing in Vancouver and Clark County Homes

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